Guernica welcomes submissions from writers and visual artists at all stages of their careers. 

PLEASE NOTE: Nonfiction and poetry submission are closed until October 2017. Thank you.

Please read the following guidelines in their entirety. We are currently accepting submissions in the following categories:

Shortform nonfiction - News, Reviews, Commentary (including op-eds and essays), and Q&As, typically of less than 2,500 words.

Longform nonfiction - Essays, Memoir, Reportage, and Interviews of typically 2,500 - 7,500 words


Poetry - submissions are currently closed and will reopen in mid-September.

Photo essays and short videos

  • We accept only electronic submissions using the Submittable system.
  • Please one submission at a time, no multiple submissions.
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, as long as you immediately notify the Guernica editors that your piece has been accepted elsewhere.
  • We provide modest honoraria for most poetry, fiction, multimedia and longform nonfiction pieces, including essays, memoir, interviews, profiles, and reportage. The exact amount is determined on a per piece basis.
  • We typically do not pay for shortform pieces, including but not limited to news, reviews, Q&As, and commentary under ~2,500 words.
  • We rarely accept nonfiction submissions solely from the pitch. To avoid delayed responses, please send the full manuscript you’d like us to work with.
  • We are only interested in original, unpublished manuscripts. Your work must not have been published elsewhere, including on your personal website or blog. (If it's a translation, the translation must not have been published. The non-English version may have been.)
  • Guernica will hold exclusive rights (on the Internet and in print) to your piece for 90 days, after which you will retain the rights; your story will remain archived online. Please see our detailed submission terms below.
  • Should your work be published in a collection at some later date, we’d appreciate the standard acknowledgment.
  • Allow at least eight weeks for a response.
  • Format the document correctly: put only one space between each of your sentences, not typewriter default of two spaces. 
  • By submitting your work, you are acknowledging that you agree to all of the following Terms and Conditions should we select to use your work for our publication.
Ends on November 10, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Guernica is looking for applicants to join its spring/summer fellowship class. The program, which runs from the beginning of January through June, aims to provide deep training in magazine editing and production, coupled with opportunities to work on a dedicated writing or multimedia project with an editor-mentor. We estimate the weekly time commitment to be from ten to fifteen hours. Up to five emerging writers, editors, and multimedia journalists will be selected for a six-month fellowship, which will include:

-       Opportunities to work across the editorial planning and production cycle of the magazine

-       Fact-checking and copy editing

-       Reading submissions

-       Contributing ideas for forthcoming issues

-       Assisting with publicity and social media

-       Developing at least one piece for publication

-       Mentorship from senior staff and training from industry professionals

Our focus when reviewing applications will be on finding emerging writers, journalists, and editors with clear passion for digital publishing and literary reportage, and evident intellectual curiosity.

To submit, please include:

1) A cover letter with biographical information, including related experiences, why you want the fellowship, and how it relates to your professional ambitions.

2) A three- to five-page writing sample or link to portfolio of multimedia work; both published and unpublished work is fine.

3) A pitch for a project you'd like to work on during the fellowship.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and the reading period will close by November 10.  

Guernica values diversity and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds; however, we are only able to consider candidates residing in the greater New York area. For any questions, please contact:

The only way to submit your work is through this form. We are not responsible for submissions sent to the wrong address.  

No fewer than 1,200 words and no more than 4,500 words/one story or one UNPUBLISHED excerpt from a novel, per submission. YOUR WORK MUST BE UNPUBLISHED, INCLUDING ON ANY PERSONAL BLOG POST. 

Guernica strongly prefers fiction with a diverse international outlook—or if it's American, from an underrepresented or alternative perspective. (No stories about American tourists in other countries, please.) 

Works in translation are especially welcome as long as we will have the rights to publish the piece. Guernica tends to publish stories that have a beginning, middle, and end; fiction that enlightens the reader about culture and place. We don’t publish satire or genre. We must have exclusive rights for 90 days after publication, and we'd appreciate credit if your piece appears in a forthcoming book.

Fiction appearing in Guernica that exceeds our 4,500-words guideline is usually solicited. We do not consider ourselves a forum for flash fiction. Stories that are too short for us will not be accepted unless solicited or grouped into numbers of two or more that meet our word count. We do not serialize work over multiple issues. 

PEN Guernica Flash Fiction is SOLICITED ONLY. No submissions will be accepted for that section. 

Below is our mailing address for ARCs. DO NOT send your short fiction to this address. If you have an ARC for us to read and wish that it be considered for an excerpt: 

Meakin Armstrong
Guernica Fiction 
93 Fourth Avenue 
STE #219 
NYC NY 10003-9998