The only way to submit your work is through this form. We are not responsible for submissions sent to the wrong address.

No fewer than 1,200 words and no more than 4,500 words/one story or one UNPUBLISHED excerpt from a novel, per submission. YOUR WORK MUST BE UNPUBLISHED, INCLUDING ON ANY PERSONAL BLOG POST.

Fiction appearing in Guernica that exceeds our 4,500-words guideline is usually solicited. Please note: We do not consider ourselves a forum for flash fiction. Stories that are too short for us will not be accepted. We do not serialize work over multiple issues. 

Guernica strongly prefers fiction with a diverse international outlook—or if it's American, from an underrepresented or alternative perspective. (No stories about American tourists in other countries, please.)

Works in translation are especially welcome as long as we will have the rights to publish the piece. Guernica tends to publish stories that have a beginning, middle, and end; fiction that enlightens the reader about culture and place. We don’t publish satire or genre. We don't publish fiction that is more political screed than a story. 

We must have exclusive rights for 90 days after publication, and we'd appreciate credit if your piece appears in a forthcoming book.

PEN Guernica Flash Fiction is SOLICITED ONLY — AND IS ON HIATUS. No submissions will be accepted for that section. 

Below is our mailing address for ARCs. DO NOT send your short fiction to this address. We do not accept works on hardcopy. 

If you have an ARC for us to read and wish that it be considered for an excerpt: 

Meakin Armstrong
Guernica Fiction
93 Fourth Avenue
STE #219
NYC NY 10003-9998 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.